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Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast
फैक्ट्री बनाने के दुखड़े। How Poor Building Standards Hurt Indian Firms ft. Bhuvana Anand and Sargun Kaur

फैक्ट्री बनाने के दुखड़े। How Poor Building Standards Hurt Indian Firms ft. Bhuvana Anand and Sargun Kaur

The cost of overly restrictive building standards in India

भारत में भवन निर्माण कोड तो कई है, पर क्या वे सभी तर्कसंगत और व्यावहारिक है? समय के साथ जड़ हो गए बिल्डिंग कोड से भारतीय कंपनियों का कितना नुकसान हो रहा है? क्या है इसके दीर्घकालिक परिणाम? आज इस विषय को गहराई से समझेंगे भुवना आनंद और सरगुन कौर के साथ जिन्होंने स्टेट ऑफ़ रेगुलेशन रिपोर्ट में भारतीय फैक्ट्रियों के बिल्डिंग कोड का गहराई से अध्ययन किया है।  

This week on Puliyabaazi, we discuss the State of Regulation Report on building standards with Bhuvana Anand and Sargun Kaur. Their report assesses building codes for factories across various states and finds that building codes in India are significantly more restrictive than other developing countries. Many codes are obsolete and archaic. What is the cost of such overly restrictive codes on firms in India?

We discuss:

  • What are Building Regulations?

  • Regulations vs Safety

  • Historical context

  • Alternatives

  • Lessons from data and reality

  • Floor Area Ratio

  • Impact of excessive regulation

  • Regulations across sectors

Reading recommendations by Sargun and Bhuvana:

  1. State of Regulation Report by Bhuvana Anand, Sargun Kaur and Shubho Roy

  2. How building laws lock India's factory land 

  3. Some academic references:

    1. Building regulations are a barrier to affordable housing in Indian cities: the case of Ahmedabad by Bimal Patel, Sweta Byahut, Brijesh Bhatha

    2. Measuring welfare gains from relaxation of land-use restrictions: The case of India’s building-height limits by Jan K. Brueckner and Kala Seetharam Sridhar

    3. Land markets, government interventions and housing affordability by Alain Bertaud

    4. Emergence of sub-optimal land utilization patterns in Indian cities by Sweta Byahut, Bimal Patel and Jignesh Mehta

  4. Link to Prosperiti's substack to read more about state-level regulations in India


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