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Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast
1991: एक क्रांति. When India Changed Forever

1991: एक क्रांति. When India Changed Forever

१९९१ में भारत में एक सामाजिक और आर्थिक क्रांति आई। आर्थिक सुधारों ने 25 करोड़ भारतियों को गरीबी से निकाला और भारत को विश्व भर में एक नयी पहचान दी। इस क्रांति को आए पिछले महीने ३० साल हो गए। तो इसी विषय पर पुलियाबाज़ी करने लौट रही है अर्थशास्त्री श्रुति राजगोपालन (@srajagopalan)।

This July marked thirty years of India’s economic liberalization reforms. These reforms transformed India. The resultant growth in the economy is single-handedly responsible for the reduction in India’s poverty. So this Puliyabaazi is about life before 1991, why India chose the path it did after independence, and the reforms that remained unfinished in 1991. Joining us is Shruti Rajagopalan (@srajagopalan), Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center. She and her colleagues have started The 1991 Project to document essays, data visualizations, oral histories, podcasts, and policy papers demystifying the Indian economy and the 1991 reforms.

For more:

  1. The 1991 Project -- the project portal. Read Shruti’s lead essay here.

  2. The M document -- A paper for internal discussion in government prepared by Montek S Ahluwalia, Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, in May 1990

  3. IndiaBefore91.in -- Stories of Life under the License Raj

  4. Ep.13: जो मेरा है, क्या वो सच में मेरा है? -- Puliyabaazi with Shruti Rajagopalan on property rights

  5. Ep. 37: ये लिबरल आख़िर है कौन? -- Puliyabaazi with Amit Varma on liberalism and FA Hayek’s writings

  6. To the Brink and Back: India’s 1991 Story: India's 1991 Story -- Jairam Ramesh’s book on a ringside view of the economic reform period.

  7. The Importance of the 1991 Reforms -- The Seen & the Unseen Podcast episode with Ajay Shah and Shruti Rajagopalan

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Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast
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